BANSKO - a crossroads of civilizations

     Bansko has had a significant role in shaping and strengthening our positions in the Renaissance. Prominent families bathing developed significant trade within the Ottoman Empire and in many European countries, which inevitably affects the local lifestyle and spirituality. The settlement was established as one of the cultural centers of Bulgaria. Its population actively participated in the national liberator rebounds. Here we are born outstanding cultural, educational and literary figures, among which stand out the names of Paissiy Hilendarski, Marco Teodorovich Vezyov, Neofit Rilski, Toma Vishanov - Molera, Nikola Vaptsarov and others. Their work has not only nationwide dimension, but beyond the borders of our country.

     We are seeing incredibly rapid development and validation of Bansko, a modern ski center of international importance. Its transformation into a winter capital of the Balkans is an important condition for the existence of a huge tourist-flow. A considerable contribution to the determination of the city as the preferred object of domestic and international tourism has incredible combination of natural resources, lives on to this day traditions, rich cultural and historical factors determine nasledstvo.Tezi announcement of Bansko unique town back in 1979. and they must be at the heart of its establishment as a leading year-round tourist center.

     The city is world famous resort destination and preferred travel routes Bulgaria, attracts thousands of foreign tourists. Many of them acquire idea about our country, about the traditions of our people, for his achievements in historical and cultural terms is from Bansko. This circumstance outlines specific responsibilities and the specific role of our rich heritage on a scale that go beyond our territorial reach.